This is a guest blog post by Ajay Upadhyaya of EduBrite, a Confluence integration that enables a company to offer learning and assessment through Confluence.

E-Learning in Confluence

With the coming of technology, learning and education have started to shift online. More and more learning management systems have started providing collaboration features. And the idea of adding learning to existing collaboration tools motivated us to build Gilly, a Confluence plugin that facilitates online learning.

Gilly is EduBrite’s Confluence plugin, which integrates learning and assessments directly into Confluence. The beta release contains many important features such as delivery of online tests and assessment exams. Future versions of Gilly are planned to have course delivery and synchronous learning capabilities.

Take Tests Without Leaving Confluence

With Gilly, users can take online tests without leaving Confluence. They can browse upcoming exams, previously taken tests and collections of tests they may need to take. Gilly not only helps in skill assessment, but it also provides detailed feedback for skill and competency improvement in an individual student or employee. Upon finishing the test, users can see the scores instantly with detailed reports. Each test attempt is recorded and tracked by the system, and the administrator can see a consolidated view of a user’s activities and scores.


Just like Confluence, Gilly is useful for a wide spectrum of use cases, such as online training, employee assessment, customer support, distance learning and online exams. Gilly can be used for informal practice tests and quizzes as well as formal exams such as certification tests and formative assessments. EduBrite provides a simple-to-use browser-based online rich-text editor for creating tests. The content can be written in any language and can include any graphic or multimedia files. Tests can also be created by importing MS Word documents.

Comprehensive Reporting

Real-time reports are available in online, PDF and CSV formats. These reports show exam attendance, results, candidate responses, percentiles, and ranks.


To use Gilly, administrators need to sign up for an EduBrite Assessment account for their organization or team. Each account is identified by a unique URL and can be completely branded with a logo and theme. The administrator will also need to install the Gilly Plugin into Confluence. Get started today with a 60-day trial for free. Or take a look at our online demo.

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