The October release of Jira Studio has been rolled out to all customers, and includes a host of new features and application upgrades.
First off, the projects toolbar in Studio has been overhauled in this release. We updated it with an eye towards simplification and hierarchy, but also incorporated some neat new features, like global history and customisable tabs.
Customisable tabs mean you can add new application tabs, hide existing ones, or rearrange the order on a project by project basis. For example, only need wiki and issues for a project? Hide the other tabs. Want to add a tab for your project manager’s personal blog? Add a tab with the link. In the future, as we expand the flexibility of Jira Studio with other optional add-on applications, the ability to pick and choose your tabs per project will become even more powerful.
Global history means that you can skip back to issues, reviews, wiki pages etc. you’ve visited in the past without searching. And global hIstory is session-independent, meaning history will be displayed for prior visits to Studio and not just your most recent visit.
We’ve upgraded the Jira application to version 3.13 in this release. This is a major Jira upgrade, which includes popular features such as sharable dashboards and filters, favourite dashboards and filters, and editable active workflows.
And we’ve made it easier for you to provide us with large files, like SVN dumps, by including a free WebDAV directory with your Studio account in this release.
For more, please see the Jira Studio release notes here:

Jira Studio upgraded with customisable tabs, Jira ...