Petur-Agustsson.pngThis is a guest blog post submitted by Petur Agustsson. Petur is the Product Manager for the Tempo Plugin at TM Software, an Atlassian Partner. Petur has been using Atlassian tools over 5 years and has over 15 years of industry experience in product management and agile leadership.
His goal is to revolutionize the way people do there day-to-day work so they can focus on what matters is life.

TM software is proud to announce the availability of Tempo for Jira Studio! The plugin has been in development for a while as we’ve optimized our code and perfected the various features that will doubtless help to make a lot of Jira users’ experiences and efficiencies improve. Tempo provides support for the following Jira Studio functions:

  • Billing
  • Salary administration & sophisticated time-tracking
  • Cost reporting capabilities
  • Time-sheet and billing report approval process
  • API connector for 3rd party systems

We’ve made sure that Tempo integrates nicely into the Jira Studio both in terms of the graphical interface and navigation, and for data management. The overall look and feel should help you seamlessly integrate Tempo functionality with the work you already perform in Jira.


A lot of great features have been added to recent Tempo releases. Check out these new options for enhancing your Jira Studio productivity:

Excel Export for Billing Reports

tempo-excel-export.png An option has been added to export a Billing Report to Excel. User Report and Version Report exporting are in high demand, and will be implemented in next version of Tempo.

Billing Time Sheet with Approval

This is an exciting new feature we’ve created especially for administrators. At the end of each billing period, Tempo admins can now review and approve the billing keys that they’re responsible for managing. There are two review icons; red is used for all billing keys that need to be approved and green signifies previously approved keys. There are a few other functions available in this module; users can revoke approval or view a detailed report for further details. This gives administrators a great overview of the approval status of Billing Reports.


Tempo and GreenHopper Integration

GreenHopper is a much-loved feature in Studio that we’ve had our eyes on for some time, and with the latest release of Tempo, we’ve finally come together with the GreenHopper team to deliver a collaboration that’s bound to enhance Jira usage across the board.

This integration allows user to take advantage of GreenHopper and Tempo together for a complete overview that puts real power at users’ fingertips. For example, let’s say you have a sprint or a release that you are tracking in GreenHopper. Now you can jump directly into Tempo and view the time sheet for that particular version. When you want a quick glance at a team’s commitment to a given task or want to see how time is being spent, you can now get all the information you need to stay up-to-date and make precise decisions.

In Tempo, users can either go to GreenHopper or view even more detailed reports for the sprint or version, and timesheets for each individual team member are also available.

tempo-more-actions.png tempo-sprint1.png

Agile Configuration

When you’re working with an agile team, it may be necessary from time to time to prevent some users from prolonging a parent task, and to enforce remaining time estimates. With Tempo, you can automatically get new estimates from users as they work, even after original estimates are surpassed.


Billing Detail Report

Tempo admins can now view the billing detail report by clicking on the Billing key link or by using the Action list. We’ve enhanced both the report view and navigation according the new Jira Studio issue look & feel to ensure compliance and make using Tempo smoother for everyone.


Timesheet Workflow

Timesheets have been improved with a special workflow approval function that queries designated users for approval on given tasks or sets of work objectives.


Team Timesheet

Managing and modifying use of time is one of Tempo’s greatest functions, and with our newest release, we’ve introduced new timesheet features to help users get the most out of our plugin.

A list of available Teams is displayed below the Team Timesheet header. Click on a Team name to view all the members’ logged time.

If a member has not completed the required work the sum is marked red both in User total hours and Hours per day. This gives a manager a great overview of how a team or an individual staff member is doing, and allows for the quick and convenient approval of timesheets.


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