More than just an issues dashboard

Jira dashboards provide a view into Jira issues and activity, but can also display any OpenSocial gadgets, including those from your Confluence wiki, Fisheye source control browser, Crucible code review tool and Bamboo continuous integration build server.
Previous blog posts discussed how Atlassians software development tools all integrate with your Jira issue tracking system:

Let’s take a look at how you can collect data from all these tools into one place to get project status with just a quick glance.

Project status “at a glance”

Jira dashboards help you understand your project status and activity in seconds by allowing you to display

  • Recent commits from Fisheye to get a pulse on your project.
  • Recent Bamboo builds to monitor the health of your project.
  • Crucible code review activity to keep you up to date on your code quality.


Drill down for more information

Many of the developer tool gadgets give you the ability to drill into detailed information with just one click:

  • See a failed build and want more details? One click takes you into the Bamboo build result where you can investigate stack traces, test results, and even use Fisheye to explore the code changes in the build.


  • See an open review for a crucial re-factor and want to jump in on it? Click on the review details in the chart and jump straight to all the open reviews.


  • Need to look up a requirement doc? Search for it in the Confluence wiki or browse the activity for a Confluence space.

Multiple dashboards for different views

Want to set up multiple dashboards for different projects or different types of information? No problem! There are dozens of Atlassian gadgets available today, plus you can display any OpenSocial gadget from 3rd party systems.
Some of the most common dashboards include:

  • Personal dashboards with open issues, favorite filters, and important development activity.
  • Project dashboard that highlights all the key aspects of an ongoing project.
  • Team dashboards showing activity of everyone on your team, across multiple projects.

Here are some sample dashboards for inspiration:

continuous-integration-opensocial-dashboard.png fisheye-source-crucible-code-review-dashboard.png

Got a great dashboard idea to share with the community? We’d like to see a screenshot!

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