Last week, the folks over at Jama Software released the new Jira Connector for Jama Contour which is now available for download on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. This integration is perfect for development teams using Jama Contour for requirements management and Jira for managing development tasks. Coupled with GreenHopper, a plugin for Jira, this is a great solution for agile software development all the way from user stories to release notes.

What is Jama Contour?

Jama Contour is an application used by analysts & product managers to gather and manage requirements, track changes, and plan releases. It’s available both as an on-premise or hosted solution.
The Jira Connector is a plugin for Contour that keeps the two systems in sync.

How does the Jira integration work?

As user stories and requirements are gathered in Contour during release planning, development tasks are generated and approved for development. jama-jira-connector-contour-approved.pngThese tasks will automatically appear in your Jira project for the developer team to work on: jama-jira-connector-items-jira-view.png
Any comments or status changes made in Jira show up in Jama Contour for historical tracking. You can even view a side-by-side comparison of the task in both systems.
Check out this video demonstrating the Jira integration with Contour.

Where can I get it?

Check out the Atlassian Plugin Exchange to get more information the Jira Connector for Jama Contour as well as many other plugins for Jira and other Atlassian tools.

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