A Triumph in Cause Marketing

Over the past year, Atlassian has led one of the most successful cause marketing campaigns imaginable with the Atlassian Stimulus Package and follow-on starter license efforts. In less than 9 months, we have raised over $500,000 for a groundbreaking non-profit, Room To Read and added over 12,000 new customers. The net result has been a big boost for Atlassian’s market share, competitive position, up-sell revenue and corporate brand. These efforts have also providing a huge morale boost as employees are proud to work for a responsible company.

What’s most surprising is that this was our first attempt at Cause Marketing. If you are curious on how we’ve been able to achieve this succession our first try, here are three ways you can get started with Cause Marketing.

1) Start with Your Values:

The first step is set up your back-bone and define what matters most. If helping out social causes really matters to you, then take the first step to let it be known in your company’s mission statement and values. Put your money where your mouth is and state it as part of your company identity. Atlassian’s values have been drafted in a way that makes Cause Marketing come natural. One of our five values is to “Build with balance and heart”. In being balanced and listening to our hearts, our founders set up a program to donate 1% of all revenue and employee hours to the Atlassian Foundation. Because this value is clearly established, the generosity required for Cause Marketing comes natural.

2) Pick Your Causes:

Even before you have a marketing campaign in mind, have your company listen to it’s heart. If you have a team collaboration product like our Confluence wiki, you can engage in a company wide conversation around local or global causes that people want to contribute to. For Atlassian, selecting ‘Room to Read’ as the recipient for the proceeds of our Atlassian Stimulus Package because our founders had already done their research and had already donated to them. You never know when your next great marketing idea will arise, so why not be prepared with a Cause Marketing beneficiary in mind.

3) Start Giving Today

Giving is infectious, so when folks in your organization see that corporate giving is condoned and recognized, they will become your greatest source of Cause Marketing ideas. Even when Atlassian was too small to have profits to donate, the founders started with the idea that community organizations who don’t have an IT budget shouldn’t have to pay. That one small decision has blossomed to the point where Atlassian has given away over 5,000 free community licenses to non-profits and Open Source projects. Your inspiration to begin with even the smallest gifts can have the same impact.

By following the fundamentals of these three ideas, your foundation is set for executing a hyper-successful cause marketing campaign like the Atlassian Stimulus Package. What are your suggestions on building a solid Cause Marketing campaign?

Three Ways to Get Started with Cause Marketing...