This may be too American of an analogy, but Peanut Butter and Jelly is simply a great combo: two great tastes, that taste great together. Zendesk, the guys that put the Buddha in Customer Service, recently announced integration with Jira that looks equally tasty.
Zendesk offers an on-demand customer service and support tool for companies of all shapes and sizes. It’s designed to delight both the end users who create service requests and the help desk staff who support them. Zendesk is loaded with features and we love their slick sensibility. And they seem to be taking the world by storm, lining up a pretty sexy list of customers.
Often the really thorny requests a help desk deals with involve the engineers that wrote the code, and the systems used to manage issues, defects and features requests associated with that code. This is the peanut butter and jelly part: combing the two can create a pretty tasty support and customer service experience.
Zendesk announced recently the Zendesk Updater Plugin for Jira , which is available at our freshly updated Atlassian Plugin Exchange. Put simply, the plugin links Zendesk tickets with Jira issues, and helps a software developer using Jira, and a customer service representative using Zendesk, work together on common ground simply. When an engineer or product manager updates the status, or comments on a Jira issues, it’s reflected automatically in the Zendesk ticket linked to that issue. And a customer service representative can create a Jira issue, and assign it to the appropriate software developer, and automatically link it to the Zendesk ticket. Pretty slick. And Zendesk has open sourced the plugin, so you can grab the source if you want to tweak it.

Jira and Zendesk: Peanut Butter Jelly Time!...