“7 Ways To Piss Me Off and Not Buy Your Software”

That was a the title of a blog post last September at Codesqueeze, a blog run by Maxfield Pool, who happens to be a .NET developer, Atlassian customer, and all-around nice guy. The posting title and content caught my attention. We sent Max some Atlassian swag for his 1st annual reader’s competition and a few conversations later we decided to sponsor his blog.
I didn’t ask Max to blog about Jira, but when we last spoke he said he had been wanting to do a “Whiteboard Wednesday” video on bug tracking and said that he would mention Jira. True to his word, the video is now up.
The video demonstrates how to use a bug tracker for estimation analysis. And this post wouldn’t be complete without a plug for Codesqueeze — one of the most entertaining blogs for software developers.

Jira and Bug Trackers at Codesqueeze...