JMC 2-way Conversations
2-way in-app conversations with Jira Mobile Connect

With the introduction of Jira OnDemand, it’s now easier than ever to collect feedback from your mobile app users. Since Jira Mobile Connect is included with every instance of Jira OnDemand, your mobile development team can engage directly with your users from the same tool they use to track bugs and manage all other development tasks.

If you are not already familiar with the recent release of Jira Mobile Connect, it is a free, open-source library for collecting in-app user feedback from any iOS application – don’t worry, we have the Android SDK in the works.

Jira Mobile Connect features rich user feedback, custom data collection, crash reporting, two-way communications via Jira, and more.

Perfect for small teams

If you have a small mobile development team, Jira OnDemand is the perfect solution. There is no need to install Jira and make it available on the internet, we’ll take care of all that for you. Jira OnDemand is up and running is just a few minutes.

Jira OnDemand

Starting at $10/mo, Jira OnDemand scales to meet your needs. Since Jira Mobile Connect is included, you only pay for Jira based on the size of your dev team, regardless of the amount of apps or mobile usage you have.

Sets up in minutes

Once you sign up for Jira OnDemand, adding Jira Mobile Connect to your app takes just a few minutes. Within Jira OnDemand, simply enable Jira Mobile Connect for any project to get a unique API Key for your app. Then add the Jira Mobile Connect SDK to your app with a few simple lines of code.

Check out Jira Mobile Connect

Check out this short video to see Jira Mobile Connect in action:

You can try Jira Mobile Connect using Jira OnDemand today with a free 30-day trail.

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