Jira 6 is the biggest release of Jira in three years. One of the big changes is the introduction of the Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG). The biggest benefit of this improvement is a consistent look and feel across Jira as well as other Atlassian applications that support ADG, including Confluence and Stash. All three applications use similar design and workflow patterns that users can follow within and between applications. In addition, Jira has a new look and feel configurator that makes it easy to bring your brand to Jira.

1. Meet Jira’s new header

The new header makes it easier to navigate Jira, and match the look and feel to your organization’s brand. The new header’s application navigator lets you link related applications to Jira so they’re just a click away. Linking your frequently-used related applications to Jira lets users quickly access other applications for higher productivity. The application navigator supports Atlassian products, as well as third-party applications.

In addition, the create issue button has been promoted to a more prominent status in the header, and we’ve tightened up the help and Jira administration links to make them clearer to users.


2. Quickly apply your brand to Jira

By default, the Jira header uses the blue and white theme shared by all Atlassian applications. However, our fictional friends ActiveCorp would like their Jira instance to match their logo as well as their red, green, and black brand colors a little more closely. In Jira 6, they can upload their logo and brand colors in in the look and feel section of Jira administration.


ActiveCorp used the new look and feel configurator available in Jira and Confluence. With the upload of their logo Jira’s header was instantly updated to match their brand.


Pretty neat, yeah?  For those of you that saw the Jira Jr. promotion, we used this feature as well to make a kid-friendly version of Jira.


Branding tools across your organization helps bring a consistent look and feel across your tools making it easier to for end users to navigate between applications. Jira is now easier than ever to brand for your organization.

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