With the release of Jira 5, we made significant improvements to the Jira REST API. The full featured Jira REST API allows you to create, update, and search for issues. You can even take advantage of Jira 5’s newest features by creating remote issue links and adding custom events to the activity stream. Developers love this because it’s much easier to use REST than the previous SOAP, XML-RPC, and JSON-RPC interfaces for Jira. Plus, with all of the great resources out there – like the REST API Browser and the Jira 5 RubyGem – it’s never been easier to build fully remote integrations for Jira.

What is a “Remote Integration”?

Unlike a Jira plugin, a Jira remote integration does not require any code to be installed on your Jira server. This is ideal for Jira OnDemand customers. This also greatly reduces server administration headaches for Jira download customers, especially when it’s time to upgrade.

Hassle-free Upgrades

The Jira REST API is versioned, so even when we release a new one, all existing remote integrations will continue to work with the older REST APIs. This means you can Jira upgrade without fear of the integration breaking. And in turn, when the remote integrations themselves upgrade, they can move to the latest version of the REST API to take advantage of the newest features.

Jira 5 Remote Integrations

The following integrations are fully remote and available for you to use with Jira 5 today:


Integrating Jira with Desk.com creates a cohesive way to track customer reported bugs and customer requested features, while keeping developers, support staffers, and the end user, up-to-date on the status of their issues.

Note: Desk.com integration is not available with Jira OnDemand. See documentation for details.

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eazyBI is an easy to use business intelligence web application. Import your Jira issues data and create custom reports, charts and dashboards.

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Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester offers full test coverage from User Stories to Defects, dashboard gadgets, activity streams, reporting from TQL, and more.

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HockeyApp is the best way to distribute your betas and collect live crash reports for beta and release apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

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The integration with Jira brings project and issue status into Innotas to provide a complete view of work and resources across the enterprise. Learn more >

Jama Contour

The Jama Connector for Jira integrates Jama Contour, the collaborative requirements management solution, with Jira.

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Jira Client (ALM Works)

Jira Client is a productivity tool for Jira, a remote client that offers precision search, live time tracking, screenshot capturing tool, and other great features and that is able to work offline without connection to Jira.

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Worklog Assistant

Worklog Assistant uses the REST API to provide tighter time tracking integration than ever before for Atlassian’s Jira and OnDemand products.

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Zephyr Enterprise Edition 4.0

Zephyr Enterprise Edition is a real-time test management platform that manages all aspects associated with software quality; integrates various test tools and systems, offers global access, fosters collaboration and provides management visibility.

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