JenkinsPictureFrameThey say you never forget your first. And if you can look back with fondness, so much the better.  I certainly remember mine – his name was Jenkins. We had some great times together. Me and Jenkins and the rest of the team building every commit, automating tests… Ahh, memories. (What did you think I was talking about? Dirty bird…)

Jenkins is great. With its $0 price point, Jenkins has helped spread the gospel of continuous integration far n’ wide. And CI is freeing us from the shackles of waterfall-style development, and ratcheting up the rigor of quality assurance – to the benefit of product teams and customers alike.

But many teams are ready for more

More flexibility in their build pipeline. More integration points with Jira. More advanced support for Git. More ways to take advantage of Amazon’s EC2. More attention to UI and usability.

More, in other words, of what comes from a team of developers and designers dedicated to one product, with one mission: to build the most intuitive, integrated build server on the planet. To help you spend more time coding, and less time configuring.

If your team is ready for a build server like that, then your team may be ready for Bamboo. And now it’s easier than ever to find out for yourself.  Our latest version of Bamboo includes an importer tool that converts your Jenkins or Hudson build projects in minutes. Just upload your Jenkins config data, then sit back and nibble your way through the last few chocolates in that Valentine’s sampler. (I won’t judge if you throw out the maple cream ones – bleh!)

Ready to learn more?

Great! We’ve got a host of helpful resources. Browse interactive screenshots, get the Bamboo cheat sheet for developers, and watch the recording of our webinar from March 21st: “Moving from Jenkins to Bamboo”. See you there!

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It’s the Jenkins Importer for Bamboo –...