If you ask a bunch of Atlassian staff why Atlassian was voted #5 in the Best Places to Work survey, you’ll get many different explanations. You’ll be told about ShipIt Days, 20% Time, hiring intelligent and enthusiastic staff, information collaboration, the Founder’s entrepreneurial spirit and my favorite — free food! But whatever people claim to be the Atlassian “secret sauce”, it really boils down to one thing — it’s the culture, stupid!

Atlassian’s culture gives the company cohesion and helps staff figure out the “right thing to do” when faced with myriad Moments of Truth every day. It gives the company identity, both internally and externally. It’s what help us avoid boring, corporate blandness.

One key area of our culture is being an “Open Company”, which has led to a very special type of “Information Culture” within the company. In fact, Atlassian was a Top 20 finalist in the recent Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize Management 2.0 Challenge for our story: It’s the Culture, Stupid! How Atlassian maintains an open Information Culture.

If you’re too busy to read, then here’s a fun video I made on the topic:

It’s the Culture, Stupid!