confluence-team-collaboration-software-contentConfluence 5…You have to see it to believe it. A ground up overhaul of the UI. A new global header. A simplified, always-present ‘Create’ button. The new space sidebar. It’s literally bursting at the seams with updates. And people are taking notice.

If you’re a current customer, don’t let add-ons hold you back from upgrading. Over 100 of your favorite add-ons have already been updated for Confluence 5. And if you’re new to Confluence, discover add-ons to extend the world’s best team collaboration tool.

You Name It, Confluence Has It

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to Confluence 5.

Skin and Theme Confluence

Want to really make Confluence your own? Add custom wiki styles to Confluence to match your organization’s branding, or re-envision your Confluence instance entirely as a gorgeous public-facing site.

Zen Foundation

Add amazing graphic design, drag-and-drop page layouts, easy menus, simplified editing, and more to Confluence.


RefinedWiki Original Theme

RefinedWiki Original Theme helps you organize content and brand Confluence with a friendly UI, built-in designs, themes for blogs, and much more.


Mockups and Diagrams

Get your best ideas off the ground with mockup and diagramming add-ons that allow you to embed beautiful wireframes, as well as XML and UML diagrams, directly on to Confluence pages.


Balsamiq Mockups for Confluence helps you create simple mockups that get people discussing the UI issues at hand, helping people reach agreement quickly and cutting down on spec-writing time.



Add professional flowcharts, wireframes, and diagrams to Confluence pages using Gliffy’s built-in templates or a wide library of symbols. Plus, Gliffy’s new all-HTML5 editor and viewer is twice as fast as the old version!



Quickly add a wide variety of diagrams–including flowcharts, UML diagrams, wireframes, UI mockups, mindmaps, Gantt charts, and more–to Confluence in just a few minutes with Creately.

creately is a simple way to add UML, free hand, and mindmaps to Confluence pages. is completely SVG and HTML5-based and allows you to see your entire design history via Confluence page attachments.


Graphviz Plugin

The Graphiz Plugin by Bob Swift Software is a macro to display graphs based on Graph Visualization Software and the DOT language–it standardizes diagram layout and outputs to a variety of image formats, while using native Confluence elements like tables to display information when possible.


Manage Projects

Get your team on the same page by defining workflows and tracking tasks through Confluence–improve your team’s efficiency and productivity with simple boards for managing tasks and templates for preparing documents in Confluence.


Ad hoc Workflows

With Ad hoc Workflows, you can create and share re-usable sets of actions to take on Confluence pages. Improve organizational learning and watch as your team steps through your workflows and never misses a step in the process.


Ad hoc Canvas

Convert Confluence pages and project tasks into cards and progress them across a Canvas board as they move through various states of completion. Easily add pages to your boards with simple labels.


Enhance Your Pages

Dozens of macros and add-ons exist to help you add rich content to your Confluence pages and blog posts. We’ve improved macros like the Widget Connector to include preview thumbnails for YouTube videos, nested Expand macros, and Include Excerpt macros now work across spaces.

Image Slider

The Image Slider for Confluence add-on allows you to embed a simple image rotator in your Confluence pages. You can mark image attachments to be included in the slider and fine tune the speed and order or the carousel.


RefinedWiki Mobile Interface

RefinedWiki Mobile Interface is a web-based application for using Confluence on the go. It works with Confluence notifications and tasks and allows you to add comments, create and edit Confluence pages, and like popular content straight from most mobile devices.


Make Confluence Your Intranet

Confluence is the social intranet software of choice for thousands of companies, including Atlassian. Confluence’s simple UI and amazing rich text editor make it the default choice for creating content and sharing it with your colleagues.

User Profile Plugin

Communardo Software’s User Profile Plugin enhances Confluence’s intranet functionality by allowing for richer user profiles. Get enhanced search, additional custom fields on user profiles, and integration with LDAP and Active Directory.


Zen Intranet

Zen Intranet instantly creates a demonstration site in Confluence, complete with starter content plus a professional design you can customize for your company.


Confluence Utilities

These utilities help you get more bang for your buck with Confluence–whether it’s helping transform Confluence into a technical documentation solution or adding reporting, charting, and caching abilities to Confluence.

Scroll Office & More

K15t Software‘s exporters for Microsoft Office, PDFs, HTML, EPUB, DocBook, and EclipseHelp make creating great documentation from Confluence pages simple, with page templates and customizable layouts and watermarks.


Bob Swift’s Run Macro, & More

Turbocharge your Confluence pages with macros from Bob Swift Software, like the Run Plugin (add dynamic content from user-defined parameters), the Cache Plugin (caches the rendered contents within the macro), and the SQL Plugin (connect databases to Confluence and run SQL queries on your page that output to Confluence tables and charts).


Multi Excerpt Plugin

The Multi Excerpt Plugin allows users to add multiple excerpts from a single Confluence page, as well as include excerpts across different spaces.



ScreenSnipe by Spartez adds screenshot and annotation tools directly to Confluence. Take a screenshot directly from Confluence, then edit it and attach it to the Confluence page, all without losing the context of your page.


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With an amazing new UI and all these powerful add-ons, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to Confluence 5 or start a free trial.

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