Confluence Team Calendars has come a long way since its initial release in June 2011. Over 2,300 customers have benefitted from 19 new feature releases – drag-and-drop rescheduling of Jira issues and a beautiful new timeline view to name a few. Today it gets even better with an entirely new user experience in Team Calendars 4. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Goodbye calendar types, hello event types

In earlier versions of Team Calendars, you could create and subscribe to three types of calendars: People, Jira, and Event calendars. While calendar types helped communicate how to use the product, you told us they resulted in calendar overload, making it hard to get a single view of your team’s schedule. We listened, and today we’re introducing event types so your team can follow the plot on a single calendar, not four.

One calendar to rule them all

Create a single calendar for your team or project and fill it with different types of events – travel, leave, events, Jira versions, issues and sprints, and more.


Cut the signal from the noise

You can toggle event types on and off making it easy to view exactly what you want and hide what you don’t. For instance, just click to turn off a calendar’s Birthdays or Events.


A simpler way to add Jira project events

We’ve taken Team Calendars’ powerful integration with Jira even further by differentiating the Jira data you can bring into your calendars. Now you have specific event types for Jira releases (versions), issues, and Jira Agile sprints. To embed a stream of Jira releases or Agile sprints, all you have to do now is select the project; that’s it.


How do I migrate my existing calendars to the new event types?

We wanted to give you the flexibility to configure your calendars with the event types that made sense for your team. All of your People, Jira, and Event calendars will be migrated to their own individual calendars in Team Calendars 4. From there you can build up the calendars you plan to use with new event types.

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