In October 2009, Atlassian suddenly had the opportunity to integrate Jira Studio, our hosted software development suite with Google Apps. We knew this was the perfect fit for companies that wanted to work together and build great software without worrying about infrastructure, but we needed to get it done in 3 months!
At Atlassian Summit 2010, Shihab Hamid, the technical lead for the project, shares the story of how his team took advantage of Jira Studio to quickly build a killer integration.
The presentation also features Kamal Najibee of Razorfish, discussing how his agency uses Jira Studio to deliver great software to high-profile customers.

Curious about switching to Jira Studio?

Check out this webinar recording where three customers tell their migration story, and Atlassian’s hosting partner Contegix explains details of their hosting infrastructure.

The presentation slides can be seen too on the Atlassian summit website.

Hosted Development in the Cloud with Jira Studio