Sonatype is a leader in component-based software development that helps thousands of companies make sure their software components are traceable and secure. While building a reliable component management platform is difficult, it’s nothing compared to the challenge their development team faces being completely distributed.


“In agile, face-to-face communication is ideal, but that’s not possible for us. Instead, we rely on Hipchat”

Being a completely distributed development team is hard. Being a completely distributed development team practicing scrum and needing to communicate, iterate, and collaborate closely everyday to hit your milestones can be almost impossible. That’s why the Sonatype team decided to give Hipchat a shot.

See how the Sonatype team uses Hipchat to keep their entire agile dev team on the same page, despite the distance, time difference, and other logistical obstacles of being completely distributed.

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Hipchat helps Sonatype’s fully distributed d...