Math OMG

Featured add-on: Beautiful Math – Include beautiful math expressions into Confluence pages by using LaTeX, AsciiMath, or MathML.

Math OMG

Of all the difficult math problems you’ll encounter, one never seems to get easier with time. How can this be formatted on a page? Luckily there’s an add-on that lets you create elegant parades of mathematical notation.

Beautiful Math doesn’t make balancing equations any easier, but it will let you integrate them into your page with the polish and clarity you desire. Beautiful Math gives you the ability to incorporate mathematical expressions into your Confluence pages with the same elegance, flavor, and quality people have come to expect from scientific papers, textbooks, and so forth. In addition, you get to use your preferred notation: Beautiful Math supports LaTeX, AsciiMath, and MatchML.

Those unwieldy mathematical expressions can be integrated on a separate line as a block or inline with your text. And depending on your browser, the best output format is chosen for you (Native MathML, HTML/CSS, or SVG).

The Beautiful Math add-on will transform the way mathematical expressions appear on your Confluence pages. Let Beautiful Math rid you of the frustration that comes with putting mathematical expressions on a page by placing elegance, clarity, and professionalism at your fingertips.

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