Today Atlassian is proud to announce the inclusion of a Spanish language pack with GreenHopper 5.2. The global growth of GreenHopper, which now has over 12,000 customers, resulted in huge demand from Spanish speakers for a localised release.

Aprende más sobre GreenHopper 5.2 en español.

Some of the great features of recent GreenHopper releases include:

  • Project Templates – The built-in Scrum project template configures everything necessary for Scrum teams to instantly start capturing user stories, story points and business value. You can even create epics for larger, more complex stories that may span multiple releases.
  • Adjustable markers – Use statistical markers to help prepare for a planning meeting. Enable a marker for any statistic field – such as the number of hours estimated, story points or cards – to add a line across the planning board indicating the team’s capacity for given sprint or release. Then you have a rough idea of which cards are more likely to be completed during the sprint.
    Use a statistical marker to assist during planning

Recent improvements for Kanban teams include:

  • Cumulative Flow Diagrams – The chart board and release boards now include Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD). These diagrams plot the number of issues in each column of the task board over time. When analysing this chart, teams can determine the amount of work in progress (WIP) and the average lead time for the development team, both of which are key metrics that enable Kanban teams to measure the effectiveness of limiting WIP.
    Cumulative Flow Diagram in GreenHopper
  • Release from task board – It’s now even easier for Kanban teams to release when they’re ready. As soon as the team feels enough work has been completed to warrant a release, you can simply select “Release” directly from the “Done” column. GreenHopper will prompt you to create a version on-the-fly, then automatically move all of the issues from the “Done” column into this new version and release it. The start date of the version will be pre-populated with the date of the first transition of a card presently in the “Done” column. The end date and release dates will be pre-populated with the current date.
    Release from the Done column of the GreenHopper Task Board

Give GreenHopper a go
Check out the complete GreenHopper 5.2.2 Release Notes for all the details.

Special Thanks
Special thanks goes to eXcentia, an Atlassian Partner based in Valencia. eXcentia has been instrumental in translating Atlassian products into Spanish and can assist with questions about your GreenHopper implementation. Should you wish to get involved in the translation of Atlassian products please visit Atlassian Translations.

GreenHopper now available in Spanish