Atlassian recently hosted a webinar entitled “Greenhopper for Jira: Not Just for Agile Developers.” The webinar featured demos from Jean Christophe Huet, the father of GreenHopper, and Cody Burleson, founder and President of Burleson Technology Group. In addition, the webinar included over 45 minutes of questions!
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JC showed how GreenHopper can be used by pretty much any Jira user and informed the audience that GreenHopper’s two main goals are to provide a simple and interactive interface and increase visibility and traceability of Jira projects. He demonstrated how GreenHopper can help you: update issues quickly, prioritize issues, manage subtasks, manage versions, schedule issues, and update statuses quickly.
Then Cody Burleson took the stage and expanded on his GreenHopper blog series by describing what he does and how he uses GreenHopper and Jira. He is new to GreenHopper (his 30-day trial expired two days before the webinar), but he already finds the plugin extremely helpful. Referring to GreenHopper, Cody commented: “only once in a while does a product come around that really delights you, and when I find something like that it’s exciting!”
After Cody finished his demo, JC and Cody spent the next 45 minutes answering questions from people watching the webinar. Topics included the burndown chart, custom fields, custom issue types, test integration, etc. Unfortunately, a technical difficulty cut off about 20 minutes of the Q&A, so the recorded version of the webinar is missing the last few questions.
Hopefully the webinar will help you learn more about GreenHopper and Jira!
Check out the webinar:

So far, several attendees have downloaded or bought GreenHopper. Join them!

GreenHopper for Jira: Not Just for Agile Developers Webinar