With pending GreenHopper 5.8 release of the Rapid Board out of labs, Atlassian teams have been dogfooding like crazy and we’ve found several teams using the new board in unique ways. In this sneak peek we’ll take a look at a few examples highlighting the amazing flexibility of GreenHopper.

Getting a project off the ground

Atlassians love geeky project names, and Merlin is no exception. The formal goal of Project Merlin is to ‘provide solutions that help Atlassian serve our customers better and deliver a superior customer experience’. Mostly, it involves a ton of data analysis – Atlassian is adopting Hadoop technology for our ‘big-data’ analytics platform – and we’re hiring if you’re interested! In the meantime, a small team has been tackling reports and creating a backlog of project work for Merlin.

The Rapid Board makes it easy for anyone to focus their attention on a particular portion of the project – here, the swimlanes indicate the project Components in Jira.

Merlin Rapid Board.jpg

Creating a View is easy with the power of JQL, Jira’s Query Language, behind Quick Filters and swimlanes: team members use the ‘Only My Issues’ button at the top to get a handle on their own daily tasks, while the Project Manager focuses on the Project Admin swimlane. The queries for each are simple, but together they provide a matrix of choices to make a single View flexible for anyone involved in the project.

  • Rapid Viewproject = Merlin AND fixVersion = earliestUnreleasedVersion(“MRLN”)
  • Quick Filters: Only My Issues: assignee = currentUser()
  • Swimlanes: component = “Warehouse Infrastructure”, component = “Data Capture”, etc.

Collaboration for a massive team

Atlassians have found the Rapid Board great for handling complex projects involving dozens of people, ever-changing dates and schedules, and a large audience.

As readers know, the Jira Product Blog is a central place for telling the world what’s going on in this growing Jira family. With a couple dozen developers, a handful of Product Managers, and a small marketing team all focused on making Jira, GreenHopper, and Bonfire awesome, figuring out who is working on what and when its going live is a project to manage all by itself!

Here are the two ways I manage project work and daily tasks on the same Rapid View: the entire board in the background, and the Only My Issues button clicked in the foreground.

rapid boards overlay.png

Naturally, we’ve all turned to a Rapid Board to manage this work. In keeping with agile practice, we plan out two weeks of work at a time, so our swimlanes show This Week, Next Week, Overdue, and a Backlog. Buttons at the top let us focus more specifically on major projects, such as our annual Summit conference and any guest blogs that mean working with someone externally.

Dependencies across the org

Web design is always a large company project: the process of building and maintaining a great site means managing long term projects alongside daily bugs and typos coming from all directions. Our own Web Task Force – or WTF, as they call themselves – has found the Rapid Board a great solution to handling large and small projects across a team. Web design is a blocker for most projects in Atlassian – we’ll need a banner for this, an infographic for that, or a brand new landing page for something big. The Rapid Board lets everyone in the company see the work the web design team has in-flight at any time, so there aren’t questions like why my button is taking so long to build.

  • Priorities and work are visual
  • Understood with a glance by anyone waiting on web design work
  • Fostering communication and teamwork organically

A quick look last week let me see that Confluence 4.0 was a top priority with the pending launch that happened on Monday, and I can use that information to prioritize my own work – for, say, the GreenHopper 5.8 banner I’ll need soon!

WTF rapid board.jpg

Change Management & More

As those who follow our Developer Blog may have read yesterday, Bryce Johnson detailed how the Atlassian Build Engineering / DevOps team uses a GreenHopper Rapid Board as the central place to manage their work.

The examples here are just a few of the many ways the Rapid Board makes team collaboration better than ever – but stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can try the Rapid Board today by enabling it under Labs in GreenHopper 5.6 or newer!

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