GreenHopper 6 is the headline excitement at the moment, and Bonfire doesn’t like to miss out on a party. Bonfire 2.4 jumped on the GreenHopper train with deep integration, bridging the gap between agile development and testing.

Create Acceptance Tests During Planning

Testing is an integral part of the agile development process, so Bonfire Test Sessions are now ingrained in your GreenHopper experience. GreenHopper’s Plan and Work modes display test session details in the issue side-bar.

With GreenHopper 6 and Bonfire 2.4, you can record acceptance tests on the fly, during your sprint planning sessions.


Track Testing Progress

Test Sessions in the issue view side-bar incorporate agile testing into every aspect of development. From GreenHopper’s Work mode, click the Bonfire tab in any issue to get an overview of how testing is going without leaving your agile board.

New Bonfire search parameters let you set up your agile boards to see testing status for each sprint.


Incorporate Testing into your Development Workflow – Make sure all Testing is Complete before work is Done

Testing should be part of your agile development process, never an afterthought. Bonfire now includes a Complete Test Session condition and validator you can add to your workflow to ensure testing is complete before an issue is moved to done.

Test as a Team

Collaboration between testers and developers is critical to ensure a quality software release, and Bonfire helps you involve the team with agile testing. Shared Test Sessions are the central forum in Jira to track activity while testing a particular story or requirement. Invite your team into a session so everyone can participate and stay up to date on what’s happening.

Templates in Bonfire’s browser extensions are the best way to create Jira issues. Specify a template for your test session, hiding fields that aren’t important, so everyone knows just what to capture. Environment details (OS, browser, versions, etc) are recorded automatically. Templates are great for:

  • Developers: control the issues that are sent your way, reducing the need to go back for more information
  • Testers: simplify the issue creation form for people outside the team
  • Everyone else: a quick and easy way to communicate directly with the development team

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