Before we get into the brilliant improvements to the Rapid Board for Scrum teams, check out this new video:

GreenHopper, Bamboo and Jira work together wonderfully to support Agile teams:

  • Teams can see the full build history for any user story,
  • There is automated testing of all new story branches as they are created,
  • Teams have the ability to push user stories to production continuously or manually (see Continuous Deploy One Byte at a Time), plus
  • much much more.

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Back to GreenHopper…

An oft requested feature from Scrum teams has been the ability to see when additional work has been added to a sprint, over and above what the team initially committed to deliver.

This isn’t an issue for XP teams as they are happy to continuously change the scope of the Sprint (or Iteration, in XP parlance). However, Scrum teams want fixed scope for the duration of the Sprint and so need to visualise any changes to the current Sprint if and when it occurs.

Visualise scope change:

GreenHopper scope change burndown chart - Agile project management tool for Jira

See these changes in a table to quickly ascertain what change was made and when.

Scope Change Table:

This is also available for teams that estimate in Ideal Hours or Days, simply change the estimation statistic for the board.

Estimate Your Way:

Estimate user stories your preferred way with GreenHopper, Agile project management tool for Jira

Another visualisation that teams have been clamouring for in the feedback has been the ability to visualise user stories with their sub-tasks across the board. This is important as it enables teams to see the progress on individual stories at a glance.

User Story Swimlanes:

The real kicker is that now, for the first time in GreenHopper, the user is prompted to resolve the User Story once all of the Sub-Tasks have been completed.

Resolve Story On Completion of Sub-Tasks:

For those teams that need a way to quickly decompose user stories into sub-tasks you can now do that as part of the planning session.

Sub-Tasks on Parent:

Finally, visualise team leave, releases and sprints in the one place with the latest versions of Team Calendars and GreenHopper.

Team Calendars showing Sprints:

For full details see the GreenHopper 5.9.7 Release Notes. With this release we feel the Rapid Board for Scrum functionality is coming together nicely and we look forward eagerly to the day when it graduates from Labs. Thanks for your feedback and support during this development and testing phase.

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Note: OnDemand customers will be upgraded to GreenHopper 5.9.7 in one week.


GreenHopper Release – Scope Change and User Story Swimlanes