At Atlassian, we are a different kind of company, one that doesn’t have a sales force to “close deals”. We simply follow our purpose “create useful products that people lust after”, and believe that customers will choose to buy on their own volition. Every once in a while, we run across a purchasing story so interesting that others might enjoy too.
How many of you have multiple organically grown wiki projects spread out through your organization? If the chats I have at trade shows are an accurate indicator, there are a lot of you out there. One of our partners, Stepstone Technologies has been doing lots of migrations to Confluence with the Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) and just finished a whopper project.
Darryl at Stepstone told me about a 5,000 user European investment bank who decided to consolidate a bunch of wiki projects on Confluence. They were an early adopter and true believers in wikis with 20,000 pages on Twiki and 15,000 pages on Socialtext. Their technical users enjoyed Twiki, but IT had challenges supporting it and non-technical users abhorred it.
The Socialtext wiki got greater business user uptake, according to Stepstone, but still missed out on a bunch of long existing Confluence features like ‘auto-save’, versioned attachments, and the new end user features that make Confluence 2.10 a great release. Besides the features, the biggest single issue was cost “as the SocialText license was in the magnitude to 10x greater (per year) than the up front first year spend on Confluence.” To make the project happen, Stepstone developed a custom plugin to the UWC which should be contributed to the Open Source Community soon.
If budget challenges are impacting your team and consolidating wikis is a proposed step to meet the shortfall, consider Confluence like this investment bank did as a way to have a low cost structure while maintaining the needs of both technical teams and business users. Between the Universal Wiki Converter and great Atlassian partners like Stepstone, consolidating on Confluence as your long term wiki has never been easier.

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