Last week saw us welcome 39 new graduates to Atlassian, and marked the start of our fourth consecutive year of HackHouse. HackHouse is our unique accelerated on-boarding program for new graduate hires from around the world who are joining our Sydney office. This year’s awesome group of 39 grads–more than double the size of last year’s graduate program–were hired from across Australia and New Zealand.

Even though our intake size has doubled and the graduate class size is larger than ever, we still feel it’s so important to run HackHouse based on the same principles as previous years while aiming to improve the experience year after year. There have been some awesome improvements to this year’s program, including an intensive boot camp post-HackHouse to continue the learning journey.

Be challenged 2

Our new class spent the week staying in a large house in Sydney’s lower north shore for an induction crash course led by a group of Atlassian engineers and designers. Along with training and mentorship, the grads enjoyed outdoor team activities, learning about and working on some of our world-class products, and building products to be sold in the Atlassian Marketplace.  The 39 grads, who will be joining Engineering, Design, Infrastructure teams have experienced a unique learning opportunity with a combination of team building activities and workshops focused on technical, design, and product.

The week ended on a high with a special graduate ShipIt – our renowned quarterly innovation event during which employees are given 24 hours to build an add-on, an update, or a feature to an existing Atlassian product. They’ll get to present their projects to our Sydney office at the end of the week.

photo 4 (3)The graduate ShipIt presentations attracted a huge audience back in the Sydney HQ, with eight graduate ShipIt teams all competing for the prized title of ShipIt Champion. The teams worked on a variety of projects across our products including some new Hipchat and Jira features, and even some non-product focused projects including a game to play with university students on campus about Atlassian and our products, and a Atlassian table tennis live scoring board.


“Going through HackHouse as a graduate is a really exciting experience, but also an intense and overwhelming one. I’m proud to see the grads this year rise to the challenge, flesh out some pretty hard problems, and implement elegant solutions to them. They all did excellently, I am excited to see them grow in their new teams!” – Symphony Wong, 2014 Graduate and 2015 HackHouse mentor

And there’s more in store for our grads! This week, they begin a four-week Bootcamp program before joining their teams in late February and starting the exciting journey of being a Gradlassian. Watch this space for more updates from our Gradlassians over the coming weeks.

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We’re excited that the graduate program is expanding in 2016 and going global, and we’re looking to hire double the size of this year’s intake for next year in our Sydney office! We’ll also kick off with a new internship program across Engineering, Design, Infrastructure, and Product Management teams. Interested graduates or students who are enrolled in or finishing a degree in computer science, software engineering, design, or relevant degrees are encouraged to apply here for upcoming graduate and intern programs. All other candidates are encouraged to visit Atlassian’s careers page to learn more and apply for other openings. You can also follow Atlassian on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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