Back in July we rebranded our deployment options to Cloud and Server but our hosted service for cloud products, Atlassian OnDemand, remained on the old naming convention. Today, we begin the next phase of this rollout by introducing Atlassian Cloud. You’ll begin to see references to OnDemand being swapped out with Atlassian Cloud over the coming weeks and months.

Atlassian cloud products

Atlassian delivers your favorite Atlassian products in the cloud. We believe our cloud products provide the easiest way for teams to realize the benefits of Atlassian.

This is why we are constantly investing in our cloud-based products – including Jira, Confluence, Hipchat, Bitbucket, and Bamboo – and services to bring improvements in areas such as user management, account management, and identity management. We’ll continue to invest in speed and reliability, while delivering a consistent user experience and sign in across our products in the cloud. This is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Existing Atlassian OnDemand customer?

Keep calm, and code on. Continue to use your cloud applications as you do today–we’re just making the larger service that delivers these products better. And we’re retiring the name OnDemand. This means that you’ll no longer see “OnDemand” on our website (, in documentation (, when you file support tickets at, upon purchasing and product sign-in, or any other location. If you watched any pages in the Atlassian OnDemand documentation space, you will need to go the new Cloud space and click the Watch button to continue to receive notifications about page updates.

As I mentioned earlier, Atlassian is dedicated to improving and simplifying the experience across our cloud products and this is just the beginning. More exciting updates to come over the next few months!

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Goodbye, Atlassian OnDemand. Hello, Atlassian Cloud!