gliffy.jpgWe are excited to announce that the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is now available to Confluence Team Hosted customers, for free.
The team over at Gliffy has been working closely with us on their Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. The results are great looking drawings that can be added to pages in Confluence with a single click. Gliffy enables you to create Flowcharts, UI wireframes, Floor plans, Network diagrams, UML diagrams, and many more diagrams or simple drawings.
Just like the office software you are familiar with, Gliffy allows you to drag and drop shapes from a comprehensive library and format them to fit your needs. The following features give you the power and flexibility to create professional looking diagrams right within Confluence.

  • Extensive shape library
  • Large drawing area
  • Drag and drop ease
  • Shape alignment
  • Auto line connections
  • Gradient color fills
  • Document manager
  • Revision Control

The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is a secure and easy way to utilise the power of the Gliffy diagram editor within Confluence. Diagrams created with the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence are stored as attachments, allowing Confluence to manage the revision history. Take a look at how easy it is to create diagrams in Confluence using Gliffy.

Gliffy now available with Confluence Team Hosted...