Meet in the morning or over lunch? Pizza or sandwiches? Team happy hour this Friday or next? These are just a few of the critical decisions that teams make every day. Confluence powers thousands of company intranets around the world, enabling coworkers to share information and discuss topics together. Simple decisions, like what to have for lunch, don’t require a meeting (hopefully), but the last thing anyone wants is an email thread with dozens of messages with everyone shouting “Not Chinese! We had Chinese last week! I want burritos!” or “I hate burritos! How about smoothies?”. These are the painful processes intranets can solve, and a poll is a streamlined way to make a decision in just a few quick steps. Here’s how:

1. Download Polls for Confluence from the Atlassian Marketplace

Polls for Confluence is a simple Confluence plugin from Simplenia software that allows anyone to embed a poll on a Confluence page or blog post. You can generate a free trial for Polls for Confluence straight from the Atlassian Marketplace. As with any add-on, you can see screenshots, pricing, release notes, compatibilities, and support information on the add-on’s Marketplace profile.

Polls for Confluence Free 30 Day Trial

If you aren’t a Confluence administrator, you can send a request to your administrator to install Polls for Confluence. Learn how here.

2. Find a Page for Your Poll

Either find an existing intranet page to place your poll or create your own. Why is placing a poll on an intranet or wiki page better than simply sending out an email or a Survey Monkey link?

  1. Context: You can include any and all information in addition to the poll question, like the purpose of an event or detailed explanations of the options.
  2. Discussion: People can comment freely on the various options in the comments section of the page, keeping the conversation threaded and out of people’s email inboxes.
  3. It’s one less email.


3. Create Your Poll

Polls_-_Confluence-demo-5As soon as the Polls for Confluence add-on is installed, you can access the Polls creator from the Browse menu in the Confluence header. Then, you can choose between creating a “Choice” poll or scheduling an event. In this case, we chose a choice poll. Once you have saved your poll, you can come back and edit the choices at any time, or close the poll to voting.

4. Add Your Poll with the Polls Macro

Once you’ve created your poll, you can add a poll to any page by using the macro browser (Insert > Other Macros) and searching for “Polls” or by simply typing [cc lang=’text’ line_numbers=’false’]{Poll[/cc] and letting Confluence’s in-line keyboard shortcuts find the macro for you.


Then choose which poll you would like to add to your page and save.


Don’t forget to invite your colleagues to start voting!


Polls-Confluence-demo-7If you created the poll, you’ll even get Workbox notifications whenever someone has voted on your poll.

Adding polls to Confluence pages is just one way to get more from your intranet. You can add custom wiki themes to your intranet to match your corporate branding or get enhanced user profiles in Confluence, all from the Atlassian Marketplace. Learn more about using Confluence as a social intranet.

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