With Fisheye and Crucible 3.8, we’ve introduced a number of improvements to allow teams to increase their development speed.

This release brings a number of performance optimizations in several areas, including the activity stream, review dashboard, and Git indexing. We’ve also extended the patch parser so different diff formats can be accepted for pre-commit reviews.

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Performance improvements

The Fisheye and Crucible team always aims to improve the speed of development teams so they can focus on what they do best — delivering great software. With that in mind, Fisheye and Crucible 3.8 bring the following performance improvements:

  • Faster activity stream and change set log rendering through better memory utilization
  • Faster review dashboard and review search pages, in some cases resulting in over 200 times faster page load time
  • Improved Git indexing time for newly created branches — we observed branch indexing time reduced more than three times

Support for more patch formats

Crucible Patch Review

Pre-commit reviews are commonly used by many development teams. We have reviewed diff formats generated by supported SCMs and improved Crucible’s patch parsers to handle a wider variety of them.

Other improvements and bug fixes

Check out the Fisheye release notes and Crucible release notes to learn about additional changes made in these releases.

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Fisheye/Crucible 3.8: performance and patch upload improvements