fisheye icon.pngSo far, I have talked about the new People and Personalisation features in the Fisheye 2 beta. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.. Fisheye 2 has gone through a complete UI transformation to ensure that performance and usability is unparalleled. Working with Subversion, CVS, and Perforce (and soon Git!) has never been easier.

Fisheye 2: Faster and easier than ever

While all of the great features that you have come to know and love Fisheye 1.x for still exist, we have improved upon many things to make using Fisheye 2 feel almost like a client GUI. Here’s just a few things you’ll love:

    Fisheye 2 - Explorer.png

  • Performance – First and foremost, you’ll notice the performance of Fisheye 2 is faster than ever.
  • Tree browser – When navigating through the source tab, the tree browser is lightning fast with new Ajaxy goodness. The path at the top ensures you never lose your context.
  • File Explorer – See all revisions for any file in your repository with commit details and easy access to diffs. You can also see all activities and users involved with the file, view reports or drill into the raw or annotated source.
  • Favourites – Adding a star next to any file, revision, branch, repository or changeset will do two things, 1) bookmark it to your favourites menu, and 2) add all related activity to your personal dashboard.
  • Activity streams – Generate RSS feeds from any type of activity stream including cross repository streams, project streams, user and committer streams, or your personal dashboard stream.
  • Emails – You can also place watches on any browse or changelog page and receive email notifications.
  • Fisheye 2 - Source.png

  • Annotated source – You’ll never look at code the same way with annotations in the gutter providing author and revision information.
  • Ad hoc reporting – When looking at any file, branch, or repository you can click the reports tab to get detailed historical charts. You can slice and dice the data with a variety of chart types, options and data constraints.
  • Plugable reports – You can even create your own customised reports using the Fisheye index and show them in the query tab with our overhauled plugin architecture.
  • Side bar tabs – As you move around in Fisheye, the side bar tabs are contextual based on what you are looking at. This let you quickly switch between left-hand panels or collapse them all together for a full-screen view.
  • Fisheye 2 - Search.png

  • Search – Use the query tab from anywhere to construct detailed queries and share links with teammates or export results as CSV.
  • EyeQL – Fisheye has it’s own query language, called EyeQL, which lets you structure sophisticated queries to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Quick Navigation – The search box in the top right now includes Quicknav which auto-completes as you type.
  • Fisheye 2 - Quick Nav-1.png

And there’s plenty more in Fisheye 2, so I encourage you to take a closer look..

Give us your feedback

Download the public beta of Fisheye 2 and check out the Fisheye 2 Beta Release Notes for more information.
You can also check out these updated public instances:

Kick the tires yourself and let us know what you think.

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