Say “G’Day” to our newest developers in our Eastern European office. It’s a bit early for a press release to announce the new office — we should probably wait for them to finish unpacking! — but we thought it was a good time to start spreading the news.
Long story short, a team of developers came to us and said they wanted to work for Atlassian. It hadn’t occurred to us to open an office in Gdansk, Poland, but then, we’d never been invited by a team of eight rock solid coders, either. Soren, Anton, and Jonathan flew to Gdansk, interviewed the team, put them through their paces, and the rest is (and will be) history.
Who are these daring developers? You can learn more about them on their team blog, Unimplemented, and of course they’ll be blogging here (and here) too.

Europe… here we come!...