This is a guest post by Roberto Dominguez from Comalatech, creators of the Ad-hoc Workflows Plugin for Confluence. This is the first of a series of posts highlighting custom workflows for your enterprise wiki.

Publishing Frequently Asked Questions


A frequent use case of the Ad hoc Workflows for Confluence plugin is that of publishing articles to a knowledge base.

The FAQ Creation Workflow is one such workflow. This particular workflow was created to streamline the process of publishing Frequently Asked Questions into a knowledge base for one of the largest online music stores.

Why do you need a workflow?

This is a classic knowledge management need: a knowledge base of notable issues and practices for customer support agents.

All staff need to be able to contribute content, but such contributions must not become public until checked by an expert, with the right expert designated by an administrator. Once that expert has done their checking, they hit publish to push the article to the support site.

Push notifications to the right people

Notifications for document responsibilities at different stages of the workflow are key, so the workflow handles notifications to admins, subject matter experts and authors.


Users can suggest a potential FAQ article worthy of consideration for publishing by submitting it for review, escalating attention to management. After a couple of checks from peers and management, and any necessary edits, it can be published for all to see.

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