Your enterprise wiki has gone mobile

This is the second of two guest posts by Jimmy Lundström from RefinedWiki. With a new plugin release, a mobile interface for Confluence, it is now possible to view and interact with your enterprise wiki on the go with the world’s leading mobile web browsers. This post will describe the different features of the mobile interface accompanied by screenshots from a Google Android smart phone.

RefinedWiki Mobile Interface is a theme that optimises Confluence for viewing on smart phones, including phones with mobile web browsers like Android, Safari, Opera Mini and mobile WebKit. Rather than forcing users to install a client side application, RefinedWiki’s Mobile Interface is a single plugin that you install on your Confluence server.

Development was heavily customer driven, resulting in easy navigation for the most frequently used features in Confluence. A series of top-level tabs allow you to:

  • See Recent Activity in the wiki
  • Browse Spaces
  • Browse Users
  • View Status Updates
  • Quickly access search, and shortcuts to update your status and view your personal space

Empower your technical teams on the go

The Browse Space View provides a complete overview of a Confluence space with individual tabs displaying space activity, page tree and blog posts. The Space Info tab allows you to mark a space as a favourite or watch it to receive email notifications for any updates. Your software development teams will be able to keep-up-to-date with the content they are most interested in.

The tabs in the Page View let you see a pages content, its comments, attachments, children and information. Posting comments and subscribing to pages is far easier with the mobile smart phone interface.

Similarly the Blog Post View has tabs that allow you to read a blog’s content, comments, attachments and information. It’s also incredibly easy to start a discussion from your smart phone by quickly posting a comment from this view.

A feature that’s been lacking in other mobile clients is the ability to see a user’s contact details, status updates, activity and social networks in Confluence. The Browse User View gives you access to all of this information as well as making it possible to follow users, visit a user’s personal space and update your own status.

Try it on your smartphone

Try the theme out on your smart phone by visiting the Confluence Sandbox –

Want to start using it today? Download a 30 day FREE trial

Starter License Holders can get the RefinedWiki Mobile Interface Starter Extra for just $10

RefinedWiki wants to hear from you

To make the Mobile Interface as user friendly and useful as possible, RefinedWiki would love to get the valuable feedback of the Atlassian Community.

Contact RefinedWiki with your

* Both RefinedWiki’s Mobile Interface and Original Theme are freely available for non-profit organisations.

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