Last week I blogged how permissions are a key point of difference between a general purpose wiki like Mediawiki and an enterprise wiki like Confluence. We looked at Confluence’s Global Permissions in detail. This post will take deep look at Space Permissions.

Why do I need Space Permissions?

Confluence allows you to create an unlimited number of spaces. Each space is in effect its own independently managed wiki. If you are using Confluence as an intranet, you could create a space for each team or department in your organisation. If your wiki is used for documentation you could have a space for each project, or if you have a knowledge base, you can separate each product into its own space.


Now there are cases where you don’t want every user to see a particular space, as it should only be seen by certain users or groups. An example could be a space being used to manage a project, which should only be seen my members of the project team. Using Confluence Space Permissions you can restrict the viewing of that space to members of the project team.

Now think of a public facing wiki, like Atlassian’s Documentation, which is powered by Confluence. We’ve created spaces for each version of our products’ to publish their user documentation. Anyone can view the content of these spaces without logging in, but using Space Permissions, only users that are Atlassian staff have the appropriate permissions for creating and editing content in those spaces.

See it in action

Check out the short video below to get a complete overview of how Confluence Space Permissions work.


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