Atlassian is excited to announce the beta release of our new Issue Collector Plugin, which makes reporting issues easy. This is a must-have plugin for anyone developing a web application: users can raise issues in your Jira instance directly from within your app, without navigating or logging into Jira.

A trigger link within your application will open a dialog box, where your users can submit details.


The details entered are then submitted to your Jira instance in the background. There are two options for handling users:

  1. Let issues created have a default reporter (‘siteuser’ or ‘anonymous’, for example), and your users won’t need to login or pass credentials to Jira – and they won’t count toward your Jira license.
  2. Or, if a user is already logged into your instance via their browser, Jira issue collector can pass those credentials and set that user as the reporter.

All you have to do is to configure a collector and copy the JavaScript provided to you into your web-application.

Step 1: Configure Issue Collector in Jira


This is the plugin configuration in Jira, where you’ll set which project and issue type are created, choose which template to display for the collector form, and whether to collect browser type, screen resolution, and the page URL where the feedback was created.

Step 2: Add your collector’s JavaScript includes to your website


The plugin will then give you a bit of JavaScript that you can copy and paste into your web application.

Give it a Try

The best part is that Jira Issue Collector is free! Download from our plugin exchange to give it a try, and let us know what you think!


Easy issue creation for external reporters: the Jira Issue Collector plugin beta