CloudWe’re creating documentation spaces for each of our Atlassian Cloud apps to make it easier for you to find the product documentation you needAfter all, if you only use Confluence Cloud, we don’t want you to have to wade through a lot of Jira docs to find what you’re looking for. The Atlassian Cloud space still exists, but will be focused on helping Atlassian Cloud site admins with admin, billing, and user-management tasks that fall outside of specific applications.

Jira CloudJira Service Desk CloudJira Portfolio CloudConfluence CloudConfluence Questions Cloud and Bamboo Cloud each have their own dedicated documentation space, which you can visit right now. If you’ve bookmarked any pages in the Atlassian Cloud space, we recommend you update them as soon as possible. The page title should remain the same, but the space key will change. For example:

Old URL –

New URL –


New space URLs

The URLs for the new spaces are as follows:

Jira –

Jira Service Desk –

Jira Portfolio –

Confluence –

Confluence Questions –

Bamboo –


You can still find documentation for other Atlassian apps that work in the cloud, like Hipchat and BitBucket, in their usual locations:

Hipchat –

Bitbucket –

This is part of a larger project designed to make our documentation easier to navigate, no matter whether you have one of our Cloud apps or the whole stack. We appreciate your patience while we’re rolling out these changes. Feel free to give us your feedback by commenting on this post.

Documentation for our Cloud apps has moved!...