Introducing Balsamiq Mockups, the latest plug-in to join the Confluence plugin eco-system.
Now anyone can easily create a mockup in minutes within Confluence with Balsamiq Mockups’ drag and drop functionality. This plugin allows you to bring the whole team together–everyone from product managers to designers, developers and customers– to collaborate on one mock up before even one line of code is committed.
Created by developer superstar Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni , Balsamiq Mockups offers several snazzy features designed with the team in mind. They include:
Iteration in real-time: Teams can modify drawings easily through the course of a meeting. Explore different designs in minutes.
Scalablity: Over 50 pre-built controls allow for a variety of mock-ups, from a simple website to full-fledged application.
Focus on Functionality: Hand drawn UI means more focus on creating a great mockup and not sweat the details.
Try a live demo or simply check out this tour of Balsamiq Mockups to see how easy it is to create a mockup in just minutes:

About Balsamiq
Balsamiq Mockups was created out of the desire to design a product to enable the entire team to collaborate on mock-ups in a field where most software options where either too complex or not powerful enough to use. As Peldi explains, “In a previous life, part of my job was writing feature specifications, which always included software mockups. At the time, most people just coded the feature up so that they could take a screenshot. Then a product manager I worked with asked me for help putting her vision into a spec. Because PM’s don’t inherently have photoshop skills, they have no way of expressing the vision that’s in their head,” he continues, “I looked for a tool for her to use and couldn’t find one. That’s why I thought of building a UI prototyping tool that everyone could use. That was when the idea of creating Balsamiq was born.”
Balsamiq Mockups for Confluence are available for a 30-day evaluation. Pricing starts at $600 for a 25 user license and includes 12 months of maintenance. For all the details, please click here.

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