When we arrived at Defrag in Denver last month, we were pleasantly surprised to run into our buddies Puneet, Shinji and Hutch over at Connectbeam. We were even more delighted to see that they were demo-ing their integration between their Connectbeam Spotlight and our beloved Confluence wiki. And we were freaking ecstatic when Puneet later brought Yatman Lai at Cisco and Rich Hoeg at Honeywell (each with 10,000+ Confluence users) on stage and talked about how they use our products.
The concept behind Connectbeam is quite simple…they make it easy to tag all the “stuff” in your organization. Your company probably has content spread all over the place…in Confluence… Outlook… SharePoint… making it hard to find and organize. Connectbeam Spotlight provides a meta-tagging layer on top of all that content so you can create and view all your tags in one simple UI.
When talking to their customers, Connectbeam quickly learned that thousands of companies like Honeywell and Cisco are using Confluence to create tons of content and that any meta-tagging engine would have to play well with Confluence. Enter the Connectbeam Spotlight Connect for Confluence. Here’s a little snippet of how it works:

  • Labels and Tags – Labels in Confluence are automatically added as tags in Connectbeam;
  • Activities – A user’s activities inside Confluence (e.g. like creating a Confluence page or adding a label) show up as user activities in Connectbeam;
  • Spaces – Confluence spaces are automatically mapped to Connectbeam groups.

And with Spotlight Connect for Confluence, Confluence users can take advantage of Connectbeam’s browser toolbar and Outlook plugins to search within Confluence. ConnectBeam already highlights one customer that claims to have saved over $50,000 with this integration. You can learn more in their video below or by reading their white paper.

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