With the recent releases of Jira 4.3, Atlassian’s bug and issue tracker, and Confluence 3.5, Atlassian’s wiki and collaboration tool we introduced a game changing feature called Application Links. What does it do? It makes it incredibly easy to connect your Atlassian applications together. Why would you want to do that? Connecting Jira to Confluence via Application Links gives you some killer integration features between the two applications.

If You Live in the Wiki Now You Can Stay in the Wiki

If you’re anything like me and spend all-day inside Confluence, but sometimes need to create issues in Jira, you’ll want your administrator to set-up Application Links right away! Why?

Create New Issues From Confluence

A new ‘Insert Jira Issue’ dialog lets you create new issues without leaving the Confluence editor. Great for those times when you’ve got actionable items on a Confluence page that need to be tracked inside of Jira. No more application switching or disruption to your editing flow.

Insert Existing Issues in Pages and Blogs

If you’ve got existing issues in Jira that you want to collaborate around in Confluence, you can quickly insert individual issues or an entire list of issues using the new ‘Insert Jira Issue’ dialog. Creating ad-hoc reports about your issues inside of Confluence couldn’t be easier.

Check out the short video below to see some of these features in action.

But Wait, There’s More

There’s even more integration between Jira and Confluence.

What integration features would you like to see?

jira-43.png confluence-35.png

Connect Your Wiki and Issue Tracker with Confluenc...