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We are pleased to announce the availabilty of Widget Connector 1.2 for Confluence which adds support for Widgetbox. Widgetbox is the web’s largest widget community with tens of thousands of widget developers and a gallery of over 117,000 widgets.
With this latest release of the Widget Connector, Confluence users can quickly add any of Widgetbox’s 117,000 widgets to their Confluence wiki page, Confluence blog post or Confluence personal space.
Giles Goodwin, Widgetbox’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, is really stoked about the integration.

We are excited by the opportunity to help businesses improve productivity and communication via Confluence and Widgetbox’s widget platform. Widgets are an effective utility on wikis and websites alike – enabling users to easily share information, add content and connect different platforms.

Widgetbox has thousands of widgets to help business teams collaborate and stay informed. For example:

Confluence users can also make their own widgets with Widgetbox’s Blidget and Blidget Pro tools. (Blidget is free while Blidget Pro is a premium service.) With these tools users can create custom, branded widgets from RSS feeds, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and other services. To see a demo of Confluence / Widgetbox integration in action, check out the video below:

To learn more about Widgetbox, please visit their website at http://widgetbox.com or read their related blog post on Widgetbox’s Blog. You can also read coverage on VentureBeat.
NOTE: Widget Connector 1.2.2 also adds support for Wufoo, DabbleDB, Yahoo Video, Daily Motion, Backtype and Google Calender. To upgrade, go to Confluence Admin > Plugin Repository and click on “Upgrade” on the Widget Connector entry.

Confluence Teams up with Widgetbox...