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January-09 is turning out to be the month of Confluence Team Hosted. Since we announced a $49/mo pricing tier earlier this month, our daily signup rate has doubled. Today we have more news to share with you… effective immediately, all Confluence Team Hosted customers get Balsamiq mockups bundled for free with their wiki. Balsamiq also announced the news on its company blog.
About Balsamiq
Balsamiq mockups are an essential tool for any developer, web designer, product manager, IT manager or marketer involved in designing a web page. In just seconds, you can mock up anything from a simple web page to a sophisticated GUI for your web app. Building your mockups inside of Confluence adds a whole new dimension of collaboration to the design process. You might have heard us sing Balsamiq’s praises in past blog posts. Evidently the flattery paid off because Peldi, the man behind Balsamiq, agreed to let us give away his software to all of our Team Hosted customers. That’s an insane value considering that the desktop version of Balsamiq sells for $79/user.
About Confluence Team Hosted
Confluence Team Hosted provides small teams with a quick and affordable way to use Confluence. Accounts start at $49/mo for 10 users. You can evaluate Team Hosted free for 90 days by completing our 60-second signup form or learn more by visiting our website.
The Balsamiq Plugin For Confluence
The Balsamiq Plugin for Confluence lets you build mockups collaboratively inside of Confluence. Just click on “Add UI Mockup” in the Confluence menu, edit your mockup, name it and save. The mockup will show up as an image on your Confluence page, with an “edit” link under it. Every version of the mockup is saved as a page attachment, both as an image and as clean, human-readable XML data. Check out the video below to learn more.

Confluence Team Hosted now with Balsamiq Mockups...