49_ball.jpgWe don’t blog about our hosted offerings too frequently but it’s BIG news when do. Effective immediately, 10-user accounts of Confluence Team Hosted are available for just $49 / per month. That’s less than the cost of your monthly cable bill (even without the premium channels).
Why Team Hosted?
Confluence Team Hosted is for small teams who need a flexible and affordable way to collaborate. It’s built on the same software that powers large enterprise wikis like those at IBM, Accenture and Adobe Systems. Hundreds of organisations use Team Hosted every day for:

  • Collaborating and sharing information with customers
  • Managing projects across geographic boundaries
  • Organizing and searching documents
  • Reducing their dependency on group emails

Large enterprises also use Team Hosted to collaborate with customers outside of their firewall or as a low-risk way to pilot Confluence internally. Once they see wiki adoption in a small group of users, they roll it out enterprise-wide either on their own servers or using Enterprise hosted.
What’s In It for Me?
Team Hosted combines the enterprise features of Confluence with the convenience and affordability of SaaS. It lets users:

  • Edit pages using Microsoft Word
  • Utilize free third-party plugins like Gliffy diagrams
  • Attach and share documents, photos and video (up to 10GB)
  • Start immediately. No installation or payment is required

Try it for Free
You can try Confluence team hosted free for 30 days by briefly completing our signup form. To learn more about Confluence Team Hosted visit http://atlassian.com/software/confluence/hosted/.

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