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Wondering what to give your colleagues at this year’s holiday party? Well, Atlassian has the answer to your gift-giving woes…Confluence 2.10. You’ll be a hit at the office until at least next June if you pop this baby on one of those hungry dual-core HP machines everybody sits their eggnog on. Let’s face it, the coffee mugs and bottles of $10 wine are way too predictable. Here are five reasons Confluence 2.10 is this season’s must-have holiday gift:
1. The New Widget Connector: sexier than the red stapler
Watch the marketing department’s eyes light up when they see how easy it is to embed Flickr slideshows into web pages with the new Widget Connector. They can now share Google Docs, SlideShare presentations, YouTube videos and even Twitter updates effortlessly with colleagues and teammates. And that’s just the beginning. The Widget Connector supports over 15 popular sites so marketing will never run out of interesting web content to add to their Confluence pages. Compare that to a shiny red stapler you need to reload every day.
2. Improved Search and Discovery: sweeter than a tin of mints
Even Accounting will be a buzzing after they see all the Search and Discovery goodies inside Confluence 2.10, including:

  • Finding their content faster with Quick Navigation which dynamically suggests search results as they type into the Confluence search box.
  • Not having to worry about mistyped search terms anymore since ‘Did you mean’ automatically suggests corrections.
  • Searching Confluence from the luxury of their built-in browser search box with OpenSearch.
  • And to top it all off, the redesigned search results page is easier than ever to read – and much better to look at than a box of Altoids.

3. Custom Space Styles: more fun than a Wii Fit
Sure the developers want a Wii Fit for the lunch room, but dazzle them with the new custom space styles in Confluence 2.10 instead. They’ll be jazzed that they can now use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – the standard way to style web pages – to give every single Confluence space its own unique look-and-feel. They can tweak the header, footer and even buttons. 10 reps of CSS is better than a fake pushup on a white plastic pad.
4. 250 bugs fixed and 720 votes satisfied: tastier than a Starbucks gift card
This is one the entire office can enjoy, from the receptionist to the CEO. Confluence 2.10 fixes hundreds of pet peeve bugs (and a couple biggies). They whole company will know you care when they see:

  • The Rich Text Editor: Now with Safari support and improved table editing;
  • Jira Issues Macro: With faster load times and lots of GUI drag-and-drop goodness; and
  • User/Group management page: With a new user picker and easier group editing.

5. It’s Free (if you already own Confluence)
Perhaps the best thing about giving your Office a Confluence 2.10 upgrade is that it’s FREE. As long as you’re current on your maintenance, you get all these goodies without paying an extra dime. Of course no one needs to know that (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). You’ll come out looking like a hero for the price of zero.
Learn More
With all the new features in Confluence 2.10, you’re certain to become SOMEONE’S favorite. To learn more about Confluence 2.10 check out the video below or see our What’s New page. You can download Confluence 2.10 here

Confluence 2.10 – Just in time for the Holid...