Instant Messaging is an effective means for quickly communicating with your team and sharing information. It’s more immediate than email, but less distracting then tapping your co-worker on the shoulder to ask a question. Hipchat offers instant messaging via both private one-on-one chats and group chats – allowing for either private conversations or team discussions – a perfect communication tool to use alongside Confluence. However, connecting the two can take your team’s productivity to new heights.

Bring Confluence into Hipchat

Since Hipchat has joined the Atlassian family, we’ve been hard at work developing integration features that help your team get work done together, faster. We’re proud to announce the first generation of HipChat-Confluence integration – already available in Atlassian OnDemand, or free to download from the Plugin Exchange for customers running Confluence on their own servers.

Push Confluence Blogs into Hipchat Rooms

At Atlassian we have a unique blogging culture that encourages open communication from everyone in our organization. Confluence blog posts are perfect for disseminating information, capturing ideas, and announcing important company events.

The Hipchat for Confluence plugin enables Space Administrators to link a Confluence Space to Hipchat rooms – when a new blog post is published, the plugin immediately notifies users in the linked Hipchat rooms. This enables the key stakeholders of a Space to stay updated about newsworthy content and take action immediately.


View Hipchat Presence in Confluence

Have you ever been working in Confluence and wanting to know if a co-worker was online? Now you can.


Try it Now…it’s Free!

If you’re already using Confluence OnDemand and Hipchat these features are already available, so you can try them out right now. But, if you’re using Hipchat and running Confluence on your own servers, then you can download the Hipchat for Confluence plugin for FREE and install it in just a few clicks via the Confluence Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). See the directions below:

  1. Browse to the Confluence Administration Console. Browse > Confluence Admin.
  2. Click Plugins in the Configuration sidebar.
  3. Search for ‘Hipchat for Confluence’ and click Install – You’re done!

See Hipchat in action!

New to Hipchat? See the video below to learn more:

Hipchat and Confluence Take Team Communication to ...