When your work’s organized, and you’re creating content, what’s the next step? Find out what your team thinks. Discussing your work with your team makes your pages, projects, and final products better.

Question: how do you discuss work now? If you’re brand new to Confluence, long email threads, switching between multiple applications, and just plain forgetting conversations might be getting you down. This is why Confluence can really help. With Confluence, you can create and discuss work in the same place, which means far less context-switching. This means your work, the materials that support it and the discussions around it, are all in one place.

Confluence 101: discuss work with your team

In our final Confluence 101 article we cover the basics of discussing and collaborating on work with your colleagues. You’ll learn about the different types of comments, some best practices like sharing and watching, and find out how to set up an effective feedback loop using Confluence.


This is the final article in the Confluence 101 series, but don’t worry…that’s not all! Make sure to register for our webinar next week, and be on the lookout for our upcoming ebook on how to get started in Confluence, which will bring all our articles together in one handy document to share with your team.

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Confluence 101: collaborating with teammates is encouraged in this exam