Want to win $10,000 USD for your charity?
Are you an Atlassian Community License holder? Then consider entering our new Community Awards competition.
In the 8 years since we’ve been in business, we’ve donated our collaboration and software development tools to thousands of non-profit organisations and community causes, licenses valued at more than $34,000,000. We were wondering: what does all that value translate to for our community customers?

  • How many schools were you able to build with the value of the software we donated?
  • How many people were you able to serve?
  • How much land were you able to clean up?

Get started
The rules of the competition are pretty simple: just share your story describing the impact our license contribution has had, and you could win a $10,000 donation paid for by Atlassian to further your cause. Your story is a powerful lesson to other non-profits and for-profits, and with these awards we hope to collect and share dozens or even hundreds of stories from our community license customers.
Have fun with your submission: haikus, songs, videos, animations, are not only allowed, but encouraged! 🙂
Submissions are due by June 4, so get started now!


Community Awards: Win $10,000 for your cause...