Gliffy has announced an upgrade to their collaborative diagramming tool for Confluence. Gliffy is a plugin for Confluence that allows you to create diagrams that can be shared and/or collaborated on with other wiki users. If you’re still trying to convince your boss to buy Confluence, try demoing Gliffy, it’s got some sweeeeet eye candy to match its utility!
Gliffy 1.4 includes dozens of new features and bug fixes including:

  • Automatic diagram sizing: your diagram will start on a huge 5000×5000 pixel canvass so you can go crazy with your ideas, but upon Saving your work it’s automatically resized to fit your wiki page
  • New and updated symbol libraries so you have lots more shapes to work with
  • The ability to upload your own artwork into your diagrams (e.g., see above screen capture)

To learn more, visit the Confluence plugin page for Gliffy or read the Gliffy 1.4 blog.

Collaborate on Your Diagrams with Gliffy 1.4...