We are pleased to announce the latest version of Clover which now adds automatic Test Optimization capabilities to our award-winning Java code coverage tool.
The Clover 2.4 release takes advantage of the “per-test” coverage data already being tracked in order to automatically optimise your testing. This means you spend less time running your builds and automated tests, and more time cranking out quality code.
We have also packed in several enhancements to make the integration with your existing development tools, like Ant, Maven2, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA, that much easier. For all the details on the over 40 major issues and bugs fixed in the this release, check out the release notes.

Failure never tasted so sweet

For developers, the only thing more frustrating than waiting 15 minutes to find out you have broken the build is waiting another 15 minutes to see whether your fix actually worked.

With Clover’s Test Optimization, each optimised build will selectively run the tests that cover your changes. Test Optimization will also re-order those tests to ensure the ones most likely to fail go first.

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”
Thomas John Watson, Sr., Former President of IBM

Our own Brendan Humphreys explains how to avoid testing too much and leverage Test Optimization to increase the frequency of the tests that matter. Also, check out why failing fast is actually a good thing:

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Easy integration to the tools you use

Whether you are using Ant or Maven2, Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA, Bamboo or other CI systems.. running Clover 2.4 has never been easier:
* Ant users, just add two lines to your build.xml
* Run the maven-clover2-plugin as part of the default maven2 lifecycle
* Get instrumentation, in-line annotation, quick navigation and reporting right in your favourite IDE
* Automatically generate coverage reports from Bamboo

Want to see more?

Join us for a webinar next week to learn more. Just click on the time below to register:
Tues, Nov 11, 2008 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PST/16:00 GMT
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Check out all of the details about what’s new in Clover 2.4 including more videos!

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