Remember when they destroyed the printer in Office Space? Many companies want to destroy their legacy systems.

Cimpress (formerly Vistaprint) was able to realize their destructive dream recently, and Jira Service Desk was there to help. We wanted to bring a bulldozer, but, city codes and stuff.

A week ago, Cimpress hosted a launch party for Jira Service Desk and celebrated their old legacy system going six feet under.

Luckily, they sent us a few photos:


The Decommission Daiquiri

SweetEndingA sweet ending


Sumo wrestling


And of course… the symbolic destruction of their old legacy system

Not pictured: a big screen playing the printer demolition scene from OfficeSpace.

Want to have your own launch party of Jira Service Desk? Give us a try and if we can help solve your teams problems, we’ll help you bury the evidence of a less than perfect support past.

Legacy systems, be warned.

Tweet @JiraServiceDesk and tell us your story. You can win a launch party kit complete with balloons, hats, and yes – a piñata – on us!

Don’t have Jira Service Desk yet? Check out our tour and see how it can help your team reimagine serivce. We’ll save a piñata for you.

Cimpress’ launch party for Jira Service Desk: a ...