Hi Campers! This year’s AtlasCamp comes at a particularly special time for Atlassian. We’re getting ever closer to the release of Confluence 4.0 and Jira 5.0 — two of the biggest releases in Atlassian’s nine year history.

Jira 5.0 and Confluence 4.0 are especially substantial releases for plugin and integration developers. In Jira 5.0, we’re introducing major changes to the Jira API, and greatly expanding the REST API. In Confluence 4.0, the brand new Rich Text Editor, which revolutionizes experience for content authors, and changes how Confluence Macros work to give new power to plugin developers.

AtlasCamp will provide a perfect opportunity for us to help you get your plugins ready for these new releases. We’ll have members of the Confluence and Jira development team standing by, ready to help.

We’ll set aside time for you to come with your questions. But the best way to get help is to attempt upgrading your plugin before AtlasCamp, so that we can dive right in to any specific roadblocks. How do you get started updating your plugins:

First, download the latest EAPs for Confluence and Jira and test your plugins:

Second, read and watch the developer notes to learn about changes you might need to make:

The developer notes will be updated and expanded with each new EAP release, so be sure to watch the pages for future changes. If you have questions, you start getting Answers immediately at http://answers.atlassian.com

But if you still need help, bring your plugin code and your questions, and let us help you get ready for two of the biggest Atlassian product launches ever!

Bring your code to AtlasCamp!